Friday, July 17, 2015

I Can't Go For That

 It goes without saying really as to this "Iranian Deal". 

It is after all "their" deal being obama gave away the baby and bath water (saying it nicely) and still leaves Americans languishing in Iranian torture cells.

But there is a song for every occasion, and message, so listen up congress and those who vote for them ,,,,,

No, we will not, cannot go for this! Stand up, phone, fax, email or for God's Sake shout NO!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Now That Obamacare (SCOTUScare) Stands,,,,

Ungrateful Man Just Up And Dies After Everything Insurance Company Has Done For Him

HARTFORD, CT—After his health insurance provider selflessly paid dozens of claims, covered no fewer than five generic drug prescriptions, and fielded his near-daily phone calls, ungrateful policy member Samuel Clifton, 59, had the temerity to just up and die Monday without so much as a word of explanation, sources reported. “Unbelievable—we bend over backwards for this guy and he just goes and passes away,” Aetna claims manager Gloria Reyman said while reviewing “the complete ingrate’s” files, noting that her company had only aggressively disputed a handful of his claims over the past year. “Sure, he paid for the first $2,500, but then we covered a good chunk of his in-network costs. And after all the time we put in, mailing him the summaries of his treatments and hospital visits, this is how he thanks us? By dying, just like that?” Reyman added that the recently deceased Clifton at least had the common decency to provide Aetna with an emergency contact so the company could send next-of-kin information to several collection agencies.

Satire folks, but these days closer to reality than is comfortable,,,,

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Adrenaline is for Patriots

It has been some time now (30+ years) that this term has crossed my mind, or tongue.for that matter.

The last time my "adrenaline" was up scared the bejabbers outta myself and my elder brother being we were at a bad point, which ultimately was resolved peacefully and no doctors required.,Thank God.

The reason I mention that time was the adrenalin itself. I am no angel by any stretch but have harmed no one. That said, my one brother (differnet bro) had just received oral surgery - in winter - and all of the sudden we were stopped by Police, big time - guns drawn from 4 different directions. Talk about adrenalin!

All said and done, mistaken identity (clue was cotton in bros mouth and blood drooling - sorry).

Back to adrenaline, again.

After this weeks SCOTUS rulings (hate that term too,,,), to be real we, a friend / USAF Veteran Patriot, had some sarcastic fun in conversation but then it all sat in, internally so to speak.

This is where "adrenaline" set in. This is where I recognised it again after 3-4 decades of slumber.

This is true and unfettered thinking, You do not sweat, You do not worry, You do not waiver,

Your mind, and heart if you will, is undistracted and you see with complete clarity and anything in your way is in deep, deep forking trouble. I know most have had this as it is a human expierience, and know any who call themself  American may feel this on a scale from small to large, justifiably.

All I wish to convey here is that, I am at a high state of anxiety and will remain so for the rest of my existence.

Adrenaline, its for Patriots.


Just wow.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Who knew? 


I am distressed on this Memorial Day weekend to disclose the fact that we are in a state of war!

Yes, although not discussed due to on-going capitulation, we, the United States have been at a constant state of war with North Korea since 1953.

I announce this due to a recent conversation with an idiot who had no clue.

God Save the,,,,where are we? What?