Saturday, October 1, 2016

Red October

Well we are now, finally, into the final stretch of this seemingly never-ending process of selecting a POTUS. Thankfully I might add.

This is the month that we are, every four years, promised of an "October Surprise" and there are always predictions of what form these surprises may take, if they come to fruition.

The following I ran across quite randomly and the fella covers the theme quite nicely in my opinion. He based the thought on well established actions from the recent past and recent promises of information yet to come.

I believe all can agree that this is the most historic, histrionic and bombastic campaign season in our lives. 

I also believe that no matter where one stands, thus far, we are all truly expecting a real October surprise this season and certainly will witness one or the other camp seeing red.

That song and artist make me crave Greyhounds (the drink) and Sardines (why not) - don't ask and I will not tell. Ah to be young again, just not Millennial young.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Notion Worth Pondering,,,

During last nights debate a certain topic that I actually cannot resolve in my mind as of yet came up in a Clinton diatribe on what was to be about race relations.

She basically stated to rid the Fed and States of "For Profit" enterprises as that should not be a motivation for locking anyone up (paraphrasing).

Fair enough.

Again, I have yet not resolved this and my following question(s) to all will explain my quandary:

Are not the actions of most crimes, no matter how committed, for profit? Being true, why not  "for profit" prisons?

Pondering yet?

Monday, September 26, 2016

I Thought Never to Venture,,,

I have admittedly been absent from the blogging scene in any real sense for various reasons, all personal mind you, but never thought to engage others in an adversarial role, on the right that is, on what I believe to be an obvious decision.

Do not take this as I have existed in a cave and not knowledgeable as to what is occurring in and on the American political landscape be it locally or National.

I have found, as reported elsewhere, that blogging is also susceptible to what has been deemed most appropriately by the MSM as #neverTrumpers. For the life of me I cannot understand this thought process?

I will fully testify as to wanting Ted Cruz to be the nominee, but alas that did not nor was going to be as it was obvious for weeks. That leads all to what transpired at the convention, a foregone conclusion really, being Donald J. Trump as the official and only GOP nominee for President of The United States, period.

I believe the only GOP official, the head actually Reince Priebus, acted appropriately as opposed to his counter in the DNC, in not choosing a candidate and let the process be just that, the process.This I found quite refreshing actually. Here was a man chosen by the establishment and yet he followed normal procedure, with some trepidation to be sure, against what I can only surmise as extreme pressure. This man, Mr. Priebus has gone onto not only verbal support of the party nominee, but also actually speaking at Trump rallies, in front of thousands, yes thousands at a time - kudos to this man for actually doing his job.

But I digress. I simply cannot get through my head as to why, at this late date, that those who claim to to be Republican or Conservative or Judeo-Christian or just simply tired and beat down by the last 8 years cannot or will not support our nominee? 

Are you serious? Really, how in your head can you not?

As all must know; There only two choices Trump (R) or Clinton (KC= Known Criminal), The lesser parties have no chance and all know it. There will be no surprise nominee as you have to qualify in any and all 50 States to even be a viable write-in and this task deadline has long since passed to have Electoral College acumen. So to repeat - two choices.

Please by all means do present an argument (minus name-calling and vulgarity) as to why you differ as thus far it is beyond my understanding your position(s). To me, the choice could not be clearer since I voted for Reagan's' second term. As was then it is now -   there is no other option, like it or not, but Trump/Pence.

This is a discussion I never thought to venture into, after the convention

Friday, September 23, 2016


Twilight, in the context of "a period or state of obscurity, ambiguity, or gradual decline", this is how I see the United States right now and really since 9-11-2001. I seriously doubt any individual with a truly objective thought process could possibly disagree. Just a simple cursory viewing of headlines be they political, entertainment as it were, sports and so on would show this condition – twilight - to be true.

Dissection of the Definition

To understand words we have at our disposal definitions of them and then we must define those terms yet again for a refined and unambiguous understanding. Now, all reading this are more than capable of seeking out further definitions so I will just summarize along with examples so as to be illustrative.

Take ‘Obscurity’ – "to be difficult to understand or unimportant". This could not be more understood than looking at our foreign policy anywhere on the globe. Be it completely degrading relationships with our traditional and steadfast allies from Israel to the United Kingdom or our completely insane policies or, some would say lack of any sane policy whatsoever regarding the Middle East. This also can be clearly seen in our domestic policies as well, from Immigration to, and I still cannot believe this topic, but just who has access to public restrooms! Obscurity is for the snowflakes on U.S. college campuses seeking “safe spaces” but not for a Nation, especially the one I call home.

‘Ambiguity’, this is actually terrifying in that “a lack of decisiveness or commitmenton the part of a Super Power Nation has the real world effect of causing more death and mayhem than what is already considered unacceptable. The famous “crossing a red-line” statement from Obama addressing any possible, at the time, use of chemical weapons by Syrian President Assad in their Civil War would threaten a direct an unequivocal response from the U.S. They, the Syrian government, did so much and not even domestic cricket from the U.S. could be heard. There are more examples but the reneged missile deployments in Poland and Ukraine with the latter being certainly deadly and the former on constant red alert with all eyes to their shared border with Russia, serve as further real world events with real world consequences due to the U.S. being in the state of ambiguous.

'Gradual decline'. Now this should require no words at all to be understood as it is more than evident, but I wish to cite some critical examples:
  • Unemployment – We were promised all kinds of jobs and yet there are more people no longer seeking work (welfare) than those actually working.
  • Healthcare – Skyrocketing premiums, deductibles and doctors not accepting Medicare patients leading to less disposable income and if not limiting access to healthcare a virtual lockout from it.
  • Infrastructure – What happened to “shovel ready”?
  • Education – Need I say more on this?
  • The Rule of Law - Just look around and take note of the record sales of firearms.

As with the previous definitions, many more examples could be cited, but gradual decline really has a way of summing up twilight in the context I have chosen to describe our national status. 

Some old enough may remember that when the TV broadcasting stations were retiring for the day they would sign off with a visual of our Flag, Statue of Liberty or other national symbols while our National Anthem was played and then the screen went blank;

Is our flag still there or still as yet a blank screen? Will we see it or our Nation standing the next day? Will we see "morning in America" again? I just am not sure anymore. 

Is it possible that we as a people have gone down too far into the rabbit hole so as never to return? To even consider that a known criminal, by any standard of the term, is even on a ballot for President let alone dog catcher certainly gives credence to that sentiment

Ah the term 'Twilight' and its connotations. Your vote this Fall determines what happens next; a continued blank screen (Clinton) or reprogramming (Trump) for a better future with us and Old Glory all standing proud and strong yet again.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton Hates You and America

I have no idea how this individual evaded my radar, but now that I have digested his particular take on all things media I thought to share.

Find time to carve out 30 minutes to laugh, cry, smack your forehead or just sit there and nod in approval.

An Ode to the Deplorable Creator

Speaks volumes,,,,,,Graceless