Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Why bother to watch or listen to what you already know will be proselytized by this socialist?


Give this person the absolute worst possible ratings since the invention of TV itself!

If one want's to send a message of disapproval, the best way is to ignore the one with which you disapprove.

You already know of his agenda. Most reading this knew of it back in 2007. There will be nothing new except for the words. You also know that all the media will cover it broadly in print,radio and TV be it broadcast or cable on THURSDAY. You will not 'miss' anything.

This is his first 'official' SOTU speech and being the state of our Union is anything closely resembling strong, what better way to show it by boycotting the 'show'.

Take the family out for dining or a movie. Rent a movie and order pizza. Gather the kids and spouse for some family time with maybe a board game. Use your imagination. Whatever you do, don't waste time with this as that is all it is, A BIG WASTE OF TIME.

Just imagine the headline in a day or two on say the 'Drudge Report' as to the less then lackluster ratings and that headline being trumpeted around the country and the world for that matter.

Take the message to his ego where it counts for him.


Fresh thought here, I offer this pleasent viewing as a Conservative rebutal and a smile.
Better message as well.


John said...

Great idea! I hope this catches on, I would love to see that headline on Drudge.

By the way, the Media Research Center is having a live webcast before the State of the Union speech. Here is the information in case anyone wants to tune in:

Please join MRC founder Brent Bozell – tonight at 7:00pm ET – for our first MRC Live webcast of 2010. It is guaranteed to put you in the right frame of mind for the President’s State-of-the-Union Address that follows!

With the many difficult issues facing our nation and the dramatic events last week, all the talking heads will be buzzing in anticipation of President Obama’s speech. We thought a dose of common sense would be a good way to prepare for an evening of propaganda and spin from Obama and the liberal media!

That’s why we’re urging you to take part in what promises to be a highly interactive and informative hour of discussion and insight.

Click here right now and bookmark this page, then tune in tonight at 7pmET for the live broadcast.

Brent and his special guest, Editor-in-Chief Terry Jeffrey are eager to share their thoughts, opinions, and concerns about the issues that are most important to you.

Christopher said...

Thanks antway John, But I will never be in any frame of mind to sit and listen to a communist,scocialist,marxist or muslim tell me how to live.

Deep Roots in Tough Times said...

Sorry...I am going to watch this great Messiah Teleprompter event. And I won’t believe a word of it. EPIC FAIL! And his CRAP SANDWICH won’t go down better with hot sauce or spicy mustard either.

Obama will try to spin and will end up making a total tool/fool of himself. This can’t possibly go well for him. I plan to watch. I don’t want to miss a single minute of this buffoon’s demise.

Chris said...

That picture is the creepiest picture. I would have added a late term abortion in the picture. I was just on Mama's blog and see she has been having the same problems with libs as we are. They must be scared. That is a good sign. We just need to ignore them or laugh at them.

Chris said...

Sorry I think I will also watch. I want to know what he has to say in his words. That is the only way I can remark on it. People might want to watch it like they like to watch a car crash. Most Americans can't stand what he is doing.

John said...

Christopher - The link was to a webcast being put on by Media Research Center prior to Obummer's Propaganda. Should be interesting.

I'm not going to watch Obummer, he's just going to be talking about himself with about twenty "let me be clear"'s thrown in to liven it up.

I stumbled across this piece written by Pence, thought you would enjoy it:

WomanHonorThyself said...

I did Chris!

Christopher said...

I knew I could count on you Angel!

For the rest, to each their own but must add:

I told you so.

Silverfiddle said...

I didn't watch it. I watched a Charlie Brown video with the kids. We learned more from that than from listening to any politician.

I didn't watch Bush's speeches either. I liked the man so I hated that deer in the headlights look he always had when delivering formal speeches.

John said...

Christopher -

Since you introduced me to Hillsdale College's Imprimus, I know you will like this:

January 28, 2010

Counter-Moonbattery Alert: Hillsdale College Revives the Constitution

Posted by The MaryHunter at January 28, 2010

Now that Obama's State of Obfuscation Preach is in the can, you will no doubt want to get that bad taste out of your head. Nothing could be more infuriating than hearing Dear Leader proclaim in his SOTU that he's going to double down on stoopid. OK, there IS something more infuriating: witnessing elected Democrats and progressive RINO Republicans shred our sacred Constitution daily, as they have been doing for over a century.

There is a cure for your disquiet. On Saturday, January 30th, join Hillsdale College's free webcast of a special Constitution Town Hall Meeting: "Reviving the Constitution." ( Here's the agenda and list of speakers (

Sign up -- even if you can't view it all live, the webcast will be available for viewing on-demand after the event.

While you're checking out Hillsdale's website, don't miss their podcasts for Imprimis, their free magazine rich in conservative insight from notable politicians and pundits. All of the above will be refreshing means of recharging one's soul after hearing The Obamanator once again lie about and apologize for our nation.

Christopher said...

Thank you Silverfiddle, I hope you and the kids had FUN,,,wise man.

Christopher said...

Thanks once again John.

Chris said...

Christopher you missed out. It was one of the funniest comedies I've ever seen. The part were everyone laughed at 'Climategate' being a scam was the best. There were parts of the speech that made me puke in my mouth. But you knew that wwas going to happen. He never blamed Bush or the Republicans once. He blamed them a lot like usual.

Christopher said...

I miss the humor in the destruction of my country.

Chris said...

Buddy we are coming back. The progressives have been erroding our country for a long time. Now the Conservatives are standing up for themselves it might be the beginning of the end for the Progressive movement. The harder Obama pushes to the left the more he divides the Democrat party. And if you don't find that funny then there is something wrong. When people break out into laughter when the President wasn't joking I find that the destruction of the Democrat party. We will be able to rebuil. But we will rebuild faster and stronger without the PC liberal Progressives erroding everything we do. Remember Carter and how he destroyed this nation? Remember Reagan? There wouldn't have been a Reagan if Carter's policies didn't make Reagan. Obama turned up the heat to high to fast and a lot of Americans are jumping out of the boiling water. I think it is funny how liberal and Progressive have become a dirty word. I quess I'm just looking at the glass as half full instead of half empty.

Carolyn said...

Hi Christoper- great idea, I hope it worked. I myself played on the computer and listened to happy hippy music the whole time. Caught the snippets all day, and was disgusted. Glad I didn't have to lose my dinner last night. God bless!

Christopher said...

"And if you don't find that funny then there is something wrong"

Wrong with me?

Apparently you do not take what is happening in this country very seriously or you would not think it funny.

It is one thing to crack a joke, but completely another when thinking off the spectacle put on Wendsday night for the entire world and believe to yourself it to be funny. I dare say, not in retaliation mind you, that something is not clicking right in your mind.

That was an utter embaressment, a disgracful display filled with falsehoods, lies, political attacks, an attack on checks and balances, attack on free speech and basically telling all assembled and Americans watching / listening to F-OFF.

This list is hardly humorous considering those who have died in the defense of the Constitution and are fighting for it now.

This angered me as it should any American. I find it very hard to laugh when angered.

The picture posted in the above post was also not intended to be funny as you even said ; "That picture is the creepiest picture".

I did not see a "lol" after that?

That was a State of the Union address by the sitting President of the United States of America to a joint session of Congress which also includes the third branch, the Supreme Court along with the Joint Cheifs televised worldwide, our current government on display.

Still think it is funny?

If you do, you had better convince yourself in the mirror.

Christopher said...

Hiya Carolyn, Well I am hearing the numbers were down but not as much as I had "hoped" for.

I think your idea was a splendid one!

God Bless You as well !

Chris said...

It was Mohatma Gondhi that said something like this, First they ignore you then the LAUGH at you then they attack you then you win. While they attack and you attack I'm going back to laughing at them. Get it? I know how ridgid you are and if someone doesn't think exactly like you they are in need of help. I've got an idea for you Christopher. Why don't you be a little inclusive instead of so exclussive. If you keep shooting the people that are on the same side as you then who will be left to fight with you? I know you are angry at what is happening. But to keep going after another conservatives methodes because they aren't yours isn't a very good plan. Have you ever heard of the saying divide and concore? Try doing it with between the Progressives and the Reagan Democrats instead of the conservatives you don't see eye to eye with on every issue. I know you have been told this by other conservatives on other blogs. Another quick question for ya'? Have you seen some of the far left progressives on my blog and Bruces? Do you think they help out the Democrat party when it comes to those that fall somewhere in the middle or left of center? Do you think that Obama pushing harder to the left is actually bringing more people to the right? Please don't forget we are on the same side and I'm not your enemy. If you want to throw me out or call me out to shame me like Obama did to the Blue Dogs go right ahead. I respecfully disagree.

Christopher said...


I do not wish to rehash philosophy (, I am an American so Ghandi means nadda to me.

Rigid? OK, if you wish to resort to applying description then the opposite must be true of you - soft.

You are the one who implied I needed help first,not vise/versa. I simply said I did not find it humerous. There was no need for that comment just because I did not agree with you.

Inclusive? Just because I do not find facism funny I am now not only "rigid" but also "exclusive"? Whose side are you on?

Again, you are the one who shot first, so practice what you preach.

No, I have disagreements with RINOS on other blogs,pay attention or learn the difference.
RINO's lean the liberal way,hence the very distinct difference.

Chris, you damn well I have read and will continue to read your blog and comment as well so the question is not required as you also know damn well what I think of Bruce. What the left does between each other is not my concern. Their defeat is.

If you come here and shoot first and miss, you had better duck,cause I'm firing back.

Optimism and pessimism are a completely different subject than humor and if one does not laugh with you, that does not give you the right to imply anything except that there is no shared sense of humor in the particular subject matter.


Chris said...

I think you missuderstand things way too much. I was talking to some of my friends from the blog and they all said you missunderstand things a lot. For some reason you think we(RINO's) are the enemy. Well while you are judging and calling us all RINO's if they don't think the way you do to the T then have at it. You know how to make friends and influence people. I'm sure you are right and all of us "RINO's" are wrong about you. Have fun quizing yourself and blasting all the guys that are doing thing with the Republican party. Scare away the Libertarians the Independents and the Republicans that don't adhere to your thoughts and beliefs on every social issue. People like you scare other away from being conservative. What this is really about is that we didn't do what you wanted. We watched Obamas State of the Union Adress and you are going to show us. It is obvious that if a poster doesn't tell you hoiw great you are and everything is purfect you get goofy on them. Why don't you climb out of your hole and meet some real people that you love to call Rino's. Those are the ones that are helping stop the spread of the Progressives. You I'm afraid are stopping the movement to the conservative point of view. Bruce is a far left idealogue and he is less ridgid then you when it comes to accepting people that are a little to the right of him. Have you ever been around someone that constantly tells you how to think or that you are wrong? We have. Just relax man. If we were to start doing that to you you would crack in the first sentance. Let alone every sentence there after.

Christopher said...

LOL, I misunderstand? Chris I will give this one more shot. Please go back so you understand that where this started was about humor.

Then YOU started calling names? Now to even a casual observer THIS IS YOU getting cracked simply because I saw no humor in what you did.

Thats it. If I were you I would not plan on a comedic career.

Chris said...

Sorry Christopher I will tiptoe around you. I wont make fun of Obamas speech or the Democrats anymore. I wont quote Gondhi even though he fought two wars without shooting one bullet and won. I think it is great that a simple man like Gondhi did something that no one has been able to do. I don't care what religion he is or what culture. If he has wisdom that is of benifit to us I'll use it. I wont throw out everything he has because I don't agree with his gods or whatever. I don't think there is anything wrong with you throwing him out for whatever reason. But the fact is his words ring true for many cases. And he did something that was nothing short of amazing. I think it is a great thing and I don't like throwing out the baby with the bathwater. When I was at the many Tea Parties I talked to Democrats,Republicans and Libertarians. Instead of arguing about our differences like some were doing. I like most of the people there came together to welcome the RINO's,Blue Dogs and Libertarians. We have a long way to go and a big fight ahead of us. And I would like to keep those people on our side and most of all I want them to keep the real enemy at hand in sight. After this progressive movement is over then we can trry and win them over closer to the right. That's all. I'm not cracked. by any means. And if you don't like me that's cool. But in reality we are still friends. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. This is how the progressives as a minority idealogy took over the Democrat party and almost destroyed the Republican party. Once again sorry you can't laugh at the buffoonery within Washington. If you think I threw the first shot I'm sorry. I will watch what I write from now on. By the way I'm not nor did I say I was a comic. I was laughing at the comidy within the Democrat party. I know what they have been doing isn't meant to be funny. But if we if I laugh at them they can't win. Keep up the good work my friend. And if you get a chance to see an anti war protest take the time to laugh at them. And then argue with them and see which one cuts deeper to the bone. First the liberals ignored the Tea Party,then they laught at them Now they are attacking the Tea Party. If we attacked them like they have attacked us we would loose. Just look at the power of the video of the SEIU members beating that black guy. They lost. Now look at us laughing at Bruces Glenn Beck protesters. If we would have attacked them they would have won.

Jay-Ney said...

Don't listen to that dumbass,Christopher. Chris doesn't know what he is talking about. He is as dumb as a box of rocks. You are the right one Christopher. Don't put up with his shit.

Jay-Ney said...

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Christopher said...

Jay, Believe it or not I consider Chris a fine, upstanding American and if you read anything above you would see that I do indeed listen just as sure as I am responding to your comment.

Please refrain from such language. Since you are new here I will let it go. Be warned though, I welcome all comments but less foul language. You do so at the risk of deletion. Simply put there is no reason for it in civil discourse.

Christopher said...

Jay, whats your point? You just plagurized that comment?

Bruce Marcus said...

Lets remember to vote out these people in November.
Hamas' 54 Democratic Congressmen who wrote letter to Obama which would weaken Israel immeasurably.

Our New York Reps:
* Yvette Clarke - 11th district
* Maurice Hinchey - 22nd district
* Paul Tonko - 21st district
* Eric Massa - 29th district

Full list here: