Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why Every Person Should Have Their Concealed Carry Permit.

This is very serious folks. Our economy is obviously in the dumper and is not going to get better in the near term. In any society, even in good and strong economies there is a such thing called crime. The people committing these crimes could care less about laws,they will kill you for $2.

If you doubt me you do so at your own peril.

Short story but true here; I had the opportunity, pleasure and honor of becoming a friend (1983) in the real sense of a retired U.S. Army Sergeant Major who actually was a survivor of the Baton Death March. Yes, you read that correctly, a SURVIVOR, there were not many be they American, British or Australian.

Well when I met Sgt. Maj. Joe he was advancded in age but still the valiant soldier, God Loving man and one helluva billiards player. One day, mind you one day on his own front porch Joe did not have his side arm (pistol) and was summarily murdered for $2.30 and his Hostess Twinkie, really , the Twinkie too.

This honored Veteran (and believe me he was,wall of medals. My dad (Mst. Sgt)  and Joe got along famously). Joe had survived what was the most gruesome Japanese slavery really where one was expected to die yet to be murdered on the front porch of his own home.

We are now into 2010 and with two big strikes against socialism in just one month in, you can be damn sure things besides the weather will heat up this summer. There are those who wish nothing but ill will and to steal from those who have. And altough DHS  warns against 'right-wing' groups, I contend it is just the opposite before the report and now most definately after this month.

I am not talking about "global warming","health care" or any one program.. Those old enough can remembe ther riots across America in and around 1968 and we were not even close to finacial disaster then. I was but a tiny child at that time, but now am an adult and fully armed and will not put up with it To those in the know it is called "Locked and Loaded".

 I mention the riots in 1968 as they had to do with 'Civil Rights',,Guess what,,same issue in 2010.

It is, as an American, a right to bear arms and I suggest you do so if not already armed. You and your families lives depend on it. Do it legally and safely, but just do it.

Take a moment to view this video,,,,,,,,

Now, for those who believe that women cannot handle a weapon , well I submit,,,,
(And , yes, I have been wanting to use this)


I must say that the 1st video came to my attention from a good friend, co-worker, U.S. Air Force Veteran, NRA Member and one who any reasonably minded person would be HONORED to know.

Thank you Brian!


Teresa said...

Excellent Post!!! The first video was shocking. It also gives one pause and encourages the buying of firearms for your protection. Both my husband and I must learn to use a firearm and buy one for our safety. I will repost the videos with a linkback to your blog.

Christopher said...

Teresa, I encourage you and your husband do so and quickly. I also hope you do post and others to re-post yet again. We must stand-up.

Michelle said...

Great Post! I have a good friend who has fought off intruders to her home 5 different times in three different cities using a shot-gun. Usually all you need is for the intruder to hear that awesome ratcheting cocking sound of the gun and they're gone. She keeps her gun loaded in her pantry ready to go. Her kids know about it and respect it as well.

Hack said...

Great post! I live in Illinois, the most strict state when it comes to gun laws. Damn them liberal Chicagoans for screwing us conservative down staters. Anyway, got a full arsenal here, and buy 500 rounds more of AK47 ammo tomorrow!

Silverfiddle said...

It is a God given right to protect oneself. Liberals have convinced us that the cops will protect us. Well, they can't be everywhere and the criminals know that.

We have a make my day law here, and there aren't too many break ins.

Chris said...

If more people had guns and dogs all my neibors wouldn't have been broken into. I think guns are great but we need people that really know how to use them. When it comes down to it most people wouldn't use the guns they carry because they aren't ready. I would trust a hunter to carry a gun over a CCW. Hunting is a skill that came into use during the great depression. That is how my grandfqather and great grandfather had food and knew how to protect it. Hunters don't get nervous after they kill their first game animal. CCW do get nervous and make mistakes like not pulling their gun when needed. But if everyone had a gun we would worry about roberies as much. It would be too high of a risk. I don't have my CCW anymore because I don't think I would use it and risk being jailed. But I walk like I have a gun and that makes all the difference in the world when it comes to a thief. But I also worked in the hood for many years so I'm different that way. Great post Chris. Silverfiddle we believe in our God given rights just like our forfathers did but the Progressives don't beleive in God. But they always pray to Him when their life depends on it. lol

Christopher said...

I am all for hunting but that is a completely different subject matter to what is being discussed.

Obviously I and the detective in the clip (excuse the pun) advocate safety,knowledge and training which is required by law anyhow.

(p.s.; Hunting has been "in use" since the beginning of time, guns just made it easier.)

John said...

Christopher, congrats on making it on Conservative Blogs Central:

Christopher said...

Thank you John.

J.Higgins said...

You neo-cons are in trouble. This is a threat. Chris why don't you go hunt a neo-con you dumbass. Are you preparing for a war in this country or just planing a terrorism attack? How can you people kill an animal? My group is pushing to make hunting illegal among other things. I'm sure Obama would like to know who all the gun owners are.
Thanx for making it easy.

Christopher said...

Well, well, well a liberal has actually entered the realm of Conservatism.

Mr. Higgins, just what threat do you speak of?
War? What war? This is about self-preservation.
If you wish not to protect yourself or your family obviously I defend your right not to,however stupid that my be,it is your choice.

Now why do you want to make hunting illegal yet advocate murder of human beings utilizing the same method?

You either need an education, a psychiatrist, stong medication or a combination of the three.

Good luck in life, you will need it.

Christopher said...

Oops, should have said Mr. OR Ms. Higgins.

By the way Higgins, just what 'group' is it that you reference?

Chris said...

Thanks Chris for the heads up. I just wanted to plug hunting. Since Ms.J.Higgins hates hunters I'm glad I did. I just ate a big venison stake and it was awesome. J.Higgins do you eat meat? Congrates my conservative friend on getting into conservativeblogs. Don't let this liberal scum bother you. He must have found you from my blog. The left have been talking about wanting to get rid of the Constitution on the left wing FAILk blog. It sounds to me like they are getting ready for a civil war with the Blue Dogs and the Republicans. I wouldn't doubt if they do something violent to scare the Tea Patiers from their rallies. Thats OK all it does is make me want to go to them even more now. Keep up the good work. And don't forget divided we fall and so do they.

John said...

Christopher -

I haven't gotten a chance to watch the videos but I'm looking forward to it. And just as a reminder to your readers, you can still open carry in Michigan (within certain restrictions of course). I can walk around all day long with a gun holstered on my hip. Something to remember if you happen to head down to Detroit!

In other news Christopher, did you see the latest poll on Pence?

This November 2010 is going to be an exciting time!

WomanHonorThyself said...

no argument here Chris!.powerful!:)

Michael said...


Good posting I loved the clip!! As for that "Liberal Fool", they don't get it. Same as the death penalty abolishionists who change their mind (about the death penalty) as soon as their wife or child is raped and murdered-God forbid. Keep up the good common-sense discussion.

Christopher said...

John, Thanks again, I did see it and like you say November will indeed be exciting.

Christopher said...

Angel, Somehow? I did not think you would present one,,lol,,Thanks for dropping by as always.

Christopher said...

Michael, You make a great point about the death penalty. I think you are being very generous though with "change their mind". The word hypocrisy will suffice.

J.Higgins said...

That video is sexist. Is that what you think a women is is a 'hotties'?

Christopher said...

LOL,YES! I am married to a hottie. Most if not all heterosexual men find women hot. And ALL the women I know love to be described as HOT.

If you wish to complain with that notion,take it up with God. If you wish to complain about the video,take it up with

Mr. or Ms. Higgins, I believe you just like to complain.

Teresa said...


I guess you think that all women should be ugly. These women take care of themselves very well. Now, what exactly is wrong with that?

Maybe, its because you have some issues with pretty women making you feel inferior? Maybe for good reason? I think you are the one objectifying these women and being sexist in being against pretty women handling guns.

It is also obvious that you think nothing of and show no regard for our Constitution which states the right to bear arms.

Christopher said...

Teresa, This Higgens person is nutty. They go from hunting to murder to what can only be considered the gay agenda, ALL FROM 1 POST!

On anothr blog 'Bonsai on the Right' this nut-job claimed--get this-- that the ONLY thing B. Hussein has done wrong is to be--get ready for it-- BE CENTER-RIGHT IN GOVERNING !?!?!?!?