Saturday, July 10, 2010

CP Jukebox - Outta My Head-Banging Heavy Metal Mind!

Ahh the weekend, a time to cut loose.
In that vein I enjoy music that is a driving force and keeps me motivated.

A Trifecta of,,,,,,

 Like my dad always told me to say when stepping out the front door everyday;
 "Look out world, here I come!"

No , my dad did not appreciate this choice in music,
 but I just explained that I took his words to a whole new level!

(p.s., Playing air guitar is inevitable and extreme volume is suggested.)

Now here is a word or two about the mid-terms.
(Language alert for those concerned)

Finally, a word for the POS known as Hussein,,,,


MNRobot said...

Thanks for the blogroll add. Linked and added to the blogroll at the robot!
Have a great Saturday night. Rock on!

Christopher said...

Not a problem my friend! And ROCK ON ROBOT!!! 8-)

banned said...

Not my cup of tea Christopher but each to his own. Ta for your recent comment about my hard drive woes, subsequently fixed and may I add belated good wishes for your recent Independence clelebrations.

Christopher said...

Hey Banned, Not a problem my frien as I stated my father did not appreciate it either. I do not just bcause it is 'enforcing' but also in retro seems more befitting to our Tea Party here ib the US.

I am happily pleased to hear your good wishes and I will repaet mine on the occasion: I wish Independence from any and all tyranny all around the world,,call it Freedom Day!

Christopher said...

p.s. Having a couple a pints here so spelling is off,belated b-day/independence celebration here.

Carolyn said...

Not quite my style Christopher, I like the older ones myself- a little Led Zepplin gives me a little pick me up :)   although I'd probably know these to hear them.  Thank you for your stopping by on Idependance Day~  I hope you had a nice and safe one.  I hope you'll stop by No Apologies again soon- I'm doing a new series you might find interesting.  God Bless and have a beautiful Sunday!

吳婷婷 said...

嘩做左推介BLOG 果然人氣勁旺..................................................................

Christopher said...

Hiya Carolyn,

Tis' great to hear from you as well 8-)  Good ole Zep is always a good choice as well being they were really the 1st Heavy Metal ensemble.

You gave me a smile :)  though when you said "older", the bands featured date back some years; Judas Priest-1974 and both Motely Crue & Metallica in 1981 but happy to say that is still considered 'youthful',,lol.

God Bless you and yours

Bunni said...

That is one head banging play list!  Rock on Chris, and enjoy your weekend.

I always feel better blasting the stereo and rocking out.  You have great taste in tunes.

Christopher said...

Thanks Bunni! 8-)  Thought I was all alone on this one,,lol,,but hey it's my blog and how I roll.

Really the music does drive me, it is what I listened to while supporting and then my first vote for a real president,,,, RONALD REAGAN!!!!!

Christopher said...

Ya know, I had forgot who Reagan was running against for his 2nd term? So I looked it up to refresh my memory,,,Carters Vice,,Walter Mondale. Geez how times have not changed in liberal politicos????

Bunni said...

The more things change, the more things stay the a new WORST PRES Ever!