Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aussie TV Interview w/Geert Wilders

Readers across the blog sphere, broadcast TV and radio and of course a few who still read the print media have heard and read much about the proposed Ground Zero mosque in the past few month's from both the left and the right.

We on the right who are opposed to this, or at least myself as I cannot speak for all, see this agenda in a much larger picture due to historical fact. History of course means nothing to the left as they are about 'feelings', that is feeling's as the left sees them or that of our enemies, the rest of us be damned.

Now we all know, whether left or right, exactly where the current 'leadership' stands on this particular issue and that is against 70% of America, in other word's "We the People".

At this point I wish to switch gear's.

It would seem that  Hussein, Pelosi, Reid et al favor European standard's and I wish they might try some so long as they are current in doing so, considering Europe's current trajectory. Spain has given up on 'green policies' due to the fact it is killing their economy and people. Germany and Great Britain are scaling back national health care for the exact same reason's (throw Canada in there too). So lets not start either of those 'programs' here in the U.S., lets beat the Europeans at that game and stay ahead saving much time and money.

Now back to the point of this post that includes yet another European country, the Netherlands.

I wish to present an interview/opinion piece with and on respectively, Geert Wilders, a Parliamentarian in the Netherlands on Australian television. You will see right off the bat that this Aussie network is very leftist, but at the same time you will witness a man who is completely unafraid to tell the truth, stand-up for his country, represent the people and an example of what we Americans need in a real leader, a representative with a backbone.

This is an attack piece on Mr. Wilders but he can fend for himself as you are about to see,,,,

(It is rather lengthy but well worth the entire viewing)

Refreshing huh, a leader who is not afraid to do what is right even when it is popular!


JoeC said...

Historical fact? What historical facts are you afriad of? And why doesn't my spellcheck work on your blog, but everywhere else i post?

Christopher said...


You walk straight into proving my point everytime and I thank you for that.

Fear is a <span>'feeling'</span> and that is what you point to; "What historical facts are you <span>afriad </span>(sic) of?" as I clearly stated in my post.

I hate to repeat myself but I am not driven by fear but rather fact and am fully aware if islamofascist symbolism and you should educate yourself on the subject,,,,,


As to your spell check, I have no idea? But since you are on a computer I suggest you Google "DICTIONARY", as there are plenty of them on-line that are free to explore.

I actually have some ancient versions that have real paper pages that come in a book form, they are pretty cool.

Angel said...

Hey Chris..Geert is da man!!! :)

Christopher said...

Hiya Angel,

Yes he is and cannot wait for his arrival in the U.S. on 911 and hear his word's! 8-)

Christopher said...

p.s., On your spellcheck question; My comment section is not your standard blogger format as it is not 'static'.

It works in almost real-time fashion. Not sure if that helps answer you, but again there is always the old stand-by previously mentioned.

Bunni said...

Geert is very brave!  He is trustworthy, I wish he was in congress.