Thursday, August 25, 2011

Note to Self; Don't Die in Wayne County, Michigan

Not surprisingly the Wayne County Seat (government) resides within the borders of it's largest city, Detroit. 

Not knowing how other cities stack-up on this situation (excuse the pun) I highly advise not only avoiding Detroit for yet another addition of justifiable reason's, but also the entire county should you or loved ones happen to die there in either a hospital setting or fall victim to rampant crime there.

The question posed by the news anchor before the report "How do we solve the issues?" is quite simple really and can be found in the report if liberal minds were not so, well liberal.

The Wayne County Commissioner speaks of turning the medical examiners department into a "training facility" which is not too terrible an idea as a cost-cutting move and improving expediency. But if one thinks further on it that means there are many students in this field who eventually will be seeking employment and most clear thinking people know just what entity is best able to fill that need, the private sector.

Privatize the damned department and for God's sake keep it non-union!


Teresa Rice said...

The medical examiner needs to stop working for the other county.  I agree with you, they should privatize the medical examiner job. There is no reason that a family should have to wait that long for their loved one's body to be released, or for the death certificate.  Liberalism even causes harm after death. 

banned said...

Isn't Socialism wonderful?

Something similar is happening across Spain where  bankrupt municipalities find themselves unable to afford burials for those who have no-one else to do it for them (bankrupted as a result of profilagate spending during the credit boom).

Christopher said...

Cheers Banned,,,Disposal (or disposition if you prefer) of the bodies is one thing that can be handled fairly easily be it burial or cremation but that comes AFTER processing and proper documentation at least in the U.S.

p.s., That video of MP would seem to predict the outcome of your "health" system and ours to be being Obamacare is modeled after it. Perfect example of art imitating life,,sadly.

Christopher said...

Hi Teresa,,,One wonders (not really) that the medical examiner draws two pensions, one from each county!?!

Another thought on this; How much would one bet <span>against</span> this happening to say the current Mayor of Detroit should he suddenly drop dead in Wayne County or say Rep. John (no time to read a bill) Conyers (D-MI) upon visiting home should he do the same?

Always Watch said...

One of my family members had to have an autopsy in Maryland when he died suddenly without a medical person in attendance.  As a relative, I would be highly pissed had his body not been treated with respect -- or worse.

Karen Howes said...

I guess this is a portent of things to come wherever the left has been allowed to run a once-thriving city into the crapper.

Trestin Meacham said...

Another classic sign of empire decline.

Christopher said...

You raise an important point in this AOW, I believe State law dictates that if one passes-on in their residence be it natural causes or otherwise and it obviously not being a medical setting this triggers an automatic autopsy.

With Obamacare not repealed as yet this scenario above is going to get a whole lot worse, everywhere.

Christopher said...

We agree Karen, as I mentioned to AOW in Obamacare not being repealed as yet, doctors leaving the profession, hospitals and clinics to start closing this situation can and will only get worse and not only in Michigan.

Christopher said...

I am not sure I would use the same word 'empire' Trestin but get your point loud and clear.

Maybe 'societal decline' would be more accurate as that is an historical fact when liberal socialists run the show.

Kid said...

Look at the heavy demorat runs states and the disease is so obvious it slaps you upside the head every day.
But the voters continue to double adn triple down.  This is what has me worried about any election in this country.

Christopher said...

I share your disdain and worry Kid but as to the worry, I hold out hope that not only due to:

- The Tea Party movement,
- Conservative blogs growing by leaps and bounds (new media),
- Polls (no matter the percentage) all showing the same approval direction - down,,etc.,

But Obamas and the democrats blatant socialist agenda and policies hurting all of America that more will get off their dead asses, get informed, get organized and by all means VOTE.

Apathy toward voting, that is an informed vote, is I believe the main ingredient to where we stand today. Maybe now, just maybe, people have awoken to the importance of being involved as they should have found out by now that it does indeed make a difference in their own personal lives.

Ed said...

It looks like things are getting worse and worse. I hope that there is an end to all these issues.