Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm Hot for Teacher,,,Really (Rule 5 ?)

In paraphrasing Dr. Martin Luther King I wish to say "I had a dream". Actually I had a very good looking science teacher in 7th grade but nothing like the following.

Just for fun, play the video for effect as you read below,,,,,,

Harrow again, boys! Teacher in topless photos row is back... and she doesn’t look too embarrassed

9th October 2011

When topless photographs of Harrow School teacher Joanne Salley were passed around by her pupils, she was understandably mortified and pledged to focus on her career.

But now it seems Miss Salley has overcome her embarrassment.

Not only is the Cambridge graduate back teaching art at the £30,930-a-year school, she is also fronting a new lingerie campaign for a department store.

Schoolboys' fantasy: Harrow School teacher Joanne Salley gets undressed again - this time for an ad campaign

Miss Salley, 33, poses in a negligee and black lacy underwear – in another shot she wears a colourful bra and her jeans are undone.

Parents of pupils at the top public school may deem Miss Salley’s modelling assignment for Irish department store Menarys ill-advised given that it comes just six months after the storm over the topless pictures.

Those photos were taken for private use by professional photographer and fellow art teacher Fiona Corthine.

They were later discovered by a pupil on a memory stick in the school’s photography laboratory and then circulated via pupils’ mobile phones.

Hard lesson: Miss Salley was first exposed to the world when topless photos of her were discovered by pupils at the elite Harrow School, where she teaches

Naked truth: The private photos of the art teacher that were revealed to the world

Students were told at the time that the trained ballet dancer feared her reputation had been so damaged she would never teach again.

‘I feel under pressure to prove all over again I am serious about teaching,’ Miss Salley told a magazine last month.

Before her teaching career, the former Miss Northern Ireland co-hosted Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast and starred in a Peugeot 106 advert.

Harrow School declined to comment on Miss Salley’s latest photoshoot, saying: ‘It would be inappropriate.’

Miss Salley was unavailable for comment yesterday.


Max Farquar said...

Hey Christopher, just for info, I see half of your country folk are all over my blog like a rash today. You see, back n April when this story first broke, I posted the uncensored photos of the delightful teacher and someone over there has spotted them.
I won't leave a link, just in case it's not your thing ... but you know where to look if you feel inclined. NSFW ... obviously ;-)

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Cheers Max! Links are fine my friend as it is up to the visitor and thanks for the heads-up!

As stated "I had a dream",,lmao,,but this is quite the tale!

I just ran across this at the Mail Online and it brought back memories to my youth (well almost,,lol).

Max Farquar said...

Ah yes, every schoolboy's dream. I wish there had been pics like those of one or two of my teachers, back in the day!

Anyway, here's the link to 'those' uncensored photos of the delightful Joanne.

Enjoy ;-)

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Thank you Max!

banned said...

Hi Chris and Cheers! It's rather late in the day for a proper response especially after the clarification from Max but just to clear up one point for your Anerican readers.

In England "Public School" = Private Fee Paying (£30,930 as cited in this case).

Whatever, good luck to the delightful Joanne Salley; she seems to have seen off the 'innapropriate brigade' and quite right too if her extra-curricular activities were legal.

Puts me in mind of my Lower 6th History class; 3 15-16yo boys and one lady teacher fresh from Training College. Happily 'thought crime' had not then been enforced.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

@ Banned

Cheers right back attcha Banned!

OK, You may have cracked the seal of Pandora's Box with your History class recollection, if so inclined please do expand on this!

If not fit for public consumption please do email as this has to be good!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I'm ready to learn.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

@ Odie,,,

Never too old,,right?!

Randy-g said...

Would it be too weird for a 53 year old dude to take 7th grade again? Bummer, I thought so...

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

@ Randy,,,

Tutoring just might be an option????

banned said...

Sadly nothing to report Chis, it remained merely thoughts and not deeds.
I did however later become friends with a chap who really had lived that dream.
He began dating his English teacher when aged 15 and they continued as an item for 15 or more years.
Most of us just thought "lucky guy" but these days she would have been gaoled for aggravated child abuse and he would have been offered trauma counselling.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I have oft wondered about such age disparities in relationships at any age really and it matters not what gender is the elder?

I mean obviously the elder brings much experience and knowledge into the relationship (not in just sex) but what possibly can the younger offer in return?

A simple intellectual conversation over dinner seems to be out of the question entirely.