Friday, March 30, 2012

What Would You Do with $540,000,000.00 ? - Open Thread

As most in the USA know the MEGA MILLIONS lottery has reached an all-time record for a lottery prize of $540m and counting, actually the largest in history of any lottery game.

This of course is quite the topic of conversation in the realm of "What would you do with,,,? / What would I do with,,,?"

My wife Jackie and I always play when the jackpot gets large (I mean only $12 million, what a weeks worth of gas?) and true to form we have been, not alot mind you as it only takes one set of numbers to win but we never really discuss what we would do if in fact luck befell us in this regard. Neither of us "come from money" so I suppose by nature we do not really think about what to do with such a sum except of course to take care of our daughter and immediate family, which I am sure most do (except liberals, its all about them you know).

I thought about the one thing I would like to do, beside donate to charities who actually help real people like St. Jude Children's Hospital and the Capucian Soup Kitchen to name a couple, and that is to purchase one of those RV Motor Homes (w/driver,,lol) and just travel the Nation and Canada! (Mexico, forget it).

Well hey, its just a thought as I have not yet discussed this with Jackie but it sounds very nice to me at least.

So, please share your pipe dreams as well as it is all in fun and who knows?, you could be the winner so you had better start planning.


[Word of advise on the winning part; Retain both a very good attorney and an accountant, preferably that do not know each other., checks and balance you know]


joetote said...


As my evil twin is in control today, I would hope that I won just as the playoffs are really heating up. Rinkside seats at all games as I happily watch the Hawks sweep the Dead Things four games straight and then on to the cup! After all, winning the lottery is a dream, so why not that?

Seriously, there are 2 charities i support and I would want to make sure my grand kids are set up for college. Then, lots of cruising, something sue and I really enjoy!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


Cruising is always fun! Do you and Sue have a classic ride as well or looking to purchase one?

By the by, your evil twin may want to enjoy the outdoors playing golf with the Hawks while the Red Wings play on to win Stanley.

innominatus said...

The obvious new house, car, and toys with motors in them. I'd like to get a pilot's license, too.

I'd set up a fund for my kids, where they bring in their check stub and the fund would match it. So they'd be making basically double their wage. But that way they'd get nothing by being lazy and unemployed.

I also think it would be super fun to surprise random people with gifts. Like a $5000 tip for the kid in the espresso shop, or buying the groceries for everybody in line at the store. That kind of thing.

joetote said...

I really want to restore a "60" Chevy convertible. It was my first car. Always liked the lines on it, especially the fins which were kind of flat and really looked cool.

I'd settle for the 283 and powerglide, but I'd love to get hold of the 409 version.

Always On Watch said...

1. A van with handicapped access (a lift) so that Mr. AOW and I could go somewhere on our own.

2. Fix up this old house with a second john and a huge room for a Steinway Grand Piano.

3. Retire!

It's nice to dream.

PS: I read your post earlier this morning. I went out and bought a lottery ticket! Really.

Kid said...

I'll let ya know when I win this thing. In about an hour and 15.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


All wonderful ideas and direction (for the kids) to be sure!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


Good choice! I myself, never having had one, would be a restored '32 Ford Coupe or similar era King like my maternal Grandparents had.

(Have a photo of my Grandparents driving the King on Belle Isle!)

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


If by chance I (we that is) win I will make damn sure you get that van!!!!!!!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


Good luck to you and all!

Always On Watch said...

Damn. Not a single winning number on that lottery ticket I bought. Figures. I do have the worst luck!

Kid said...

Dang, didn't win.

Otherwise, We would set ourselves up comfortably, in a large house that is small enough to take care of ourselves. No servants.

To keep busy, we'd have to find ways to effect positive change with people and animals. My wife has been talking about a large dog shelter. I'd find something to do at least part time also.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


No monetary winner here either but we are all winners in the end.

I love your wifes idea of a dog shelter! Sounds great and a whole bunch of fun to boot!