Thursday, April 12, 2012

Diffuse - Prisoner Swap

Since the MSM, the current administration and apparently about half the nations population have collectively lost their mind over this current Trayvon / Zimmerman situation down in Florida I thought of a possible way to diffuse the matter; a prisoner swap -  Zimmerman for O.J. Simpson!

Sure it sounds ludicrous but then again so was NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC and of course the New Black Panthers reward of $10k "dead or alive" for Zimmerman so why not dive into the stupidity for a solution to the racial tensions?.

Add that we keep on hearing about "fairness" from the administration and this would go along way toward that end as the similarities (as we know of them?) are just that, similar;

George Zimmerman and O.J. Simpson

- Both high profile cases causing much racial tension. (There can be no doubt in that!)

- Both accused of stalking their intended victims. (So we are "informed"?)

- Both in high profile areas. (Whatever that has to do with anything?)

- Both questioned by authorities right after, released and then fleeing. (Well, one fled and the other hid and not from the authorities.)

- Both turning themselves into authorities in rather strange methods. (See exit question below.)

- Both with mixed races in their families.  (Making them both obvious racists, right?)

Now of course as stated above this idea of a prisoner swap is ludicrous and I, if not obvious at this point do not advocate such action as though it could actually occur anyhow, but rather wish to illustrate just how the level of stupidity has risen in this country and in no small part due to the MSM, the Obama administration and all the usual suspects in the race-baiting industry and yes it is an industry.

Multiple choice exit question:

Just who gets the promised reward of $10,000.00 from the New Black Panthers?

a) Sean Hannity
b) The Sanford Police Department / Prosecutors Office
c) George Zimmerman


Reaganite Republican said...

Get out of here with that, Christopher lol

OJ needs to rot... and Zimmerman will walk, he's innocent and they will never be able to convict him imho

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


You are talking in terms such as "innocent" and "convict" that stem from our judicial system?

Those terms and the system mean nothing in the era of Obama, so all bets are off.

By the by, you did not take a stab at my exit question?

Silverfiddle said...

I'd say Zimmerman get the bounty since he turned himself in...

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


I agree, then either use it for his defense or donate it to the eventual GOP nominee to shoot for a unbiased U.S. AG appointment.

Obamanot said...

I think that George Zimmerman will be made into a sacrificial lamb to appease the tribal forces of the Black community and liberal Obama ass kissing media.

And I also think that this prosecutor seems to be another of the clan who lacks the intelligences chops to even practice law. She probably took bar exam with a bunch of affirmative action people when the standards were lowered.

Why Zimmerman should be charged with this, other than to appease the "Community Organizers" and the Black Panthers definitely leaves me scratching my head.
It's issues like this Trayvon Martin case that makes blogging interesting for me. I feel that this story has completely gotten out of hand and the coverage is ridiculous and to me almost embarrassing. It only goes to show us that if you make enough noise, protest in the streets like a bunch of idiots and scare the hell out of Whitey with "Wanted Dead or Alive" bounty's,and cry racism all fucking day when it may not even have anything to do with race,
you get your way!! And it's disgusting.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


Fantastic comment my friend and welcome! I cannot disagree no matter what the outcome of the case may be.

On the prosecutor though and the charge, at least as I have heard mind you, she is up for re-election and adding Alan Dershowitz' (he is no conservative) take on her affidavit and that spells out her motivation - the law be damned.

It is disgusting to be sure, but count on more of this across the land as November draws nearer.