Monday, April 2, 2012

A Tie in the Weekend Jackass Award !

Since it is a tie I will have to go by alphabetical order.

So first up is none other than the sitting VPOTUS Joe Biden,,,,

Twice he states the term obvious with which I agree and it is in the context of reducing our defenses to wit is the point of, again the obvious, these jackasses have no intention of defending our soil or those of what would be an ally again when they, the current regime, are gone.

Biden goes on to talk about Russia being "united with us on Iran"? Really? Where has the current and soon to be former VP been? Did he not get the word that Russian troops have entered Syria in support of the Assad regime who just so happens to be a puppet of the Iranian regime who just so happens to be a declared enemey of ours?

We all know Biden is a fool but that he sits a heartbeat away from the top seat with this level of mental ability (even in the event of trying to explain it) definately deserves a Jackass Award.

The second, but equal in jackassedness is Van Jones,,,,

This is a seriously ridiculous argument about individual responsibility, and he knows it, but yet continues on with the warped idea as though it makes sense?
Simply put, what I (and many of you) as an adherent to and practitioner of individual responsibility means I do not rely on anyone or entity to run my affairs. Period.
Individual responsibility is just that and is quite simple to understand - no interference by any entity especially the government as the Founders wisely understood.
Jones, like all socialists, is trying here to twist the definition and the majority of real Americans are increasingly not buying it, thank God.
So there you have your Weekend Jackass Award winners!
No one can say I am not for equal opportunity here except for all others who do not fall into the black or white categories, but then again they might be happy about that?


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

One is a radical communist and the other knows the only way this government can keep going in the direction it is, is to disarm its citizens.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


A distinction without a difference would you not agree,,,,

Captain Ranty said...

Morning Chris,

The comment in your spambox is not from me.

It's the work of that troll.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Cheers Captain,,,

This is what I assumed being just where it showed up and beside that, the troll does not possess the ability to mimic your eloquent use of of the English language.

Thank you for the verification.

Always On Watch said...

Ye, gods! Biden bloviates and says absolutely nothing of any significance. Sheesh.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


The word that rang true even though he did not mean its direction was "obvious", meaning it was obvious what Obama was doing and that is selling us out.

Reaganite Republican said...

The competition is FIERCE lol

Biden seems less menacing to me than Van Jones, good thing nobody really listens to this nut, he's a slippery one

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


Fierce indeed!

Less menacing Biden may be but the level of thinking prowess displayed by both is equal.