Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Beware the Takers Scams

The above scenario is nothing new as far as scams go, but I can foresee such as happening on an ever increasing basis in the wake of the recent election of the taker-in-chief and what his economy is to bring.

Most, if not all, have a cell phone so assistance can be called-in in an emergency and that should be the first option in any situation. If you feel as though you should stop to render help on the open road, do so with extreme caution and preferably with others not related to the immediate situation.

I feel bad for the woman in the story especially being her intent was to help, but given her actions; stopping alone (so trusting), leaving the car unlocked with $900 unprotected inside (completely stupid) I would bet that she voted for, well not the GOP candidate, last Tuesday.


Mark Adams said...

Thanks for the heads up. But in the end, when their time is up, they just might be taken to a place they never thought they'd be (if they even believe, anyways)

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Mark,,, That decision is of Gods Will at a later date no matter what they believe, but until that time all should take proper precautions in this era of the takers.