Saturday, November 17, 2012

Burn Notice

For those unfamiliar with the phrase it comes from an AMC television show by the same name.

In short, if unfamiliar, it has to do with Patriots that seek to set things straight in government primarily and also the "little man".

It is with this very basic idea and the structure of the Constitution of the United States of America that we the people send a 'Burn Notice' to Obama and the DNC.

- Your days are numbered as we know you and your ilk are enemies of the United States and her people.
- You have violated the Constitution at numerous levels.
- You are guilty on countless charges of High Treason .
- You have willingly disregarded the will of the people.
- You have willingly and unlawfully corrupted the Republics voting process.
- You have willingly and with deception set Americas economic future into the abyss.

- You have stood by willingly as Americans were slaughtered and done nothing which in of itself calls for HIGH TREASON, if at the least negligence of duty to the office for which elected.    
- You have supported every enemy, aided every enemy and given comfort to every enemy of the United States which you were sworn to protect.

- You have subverted our legislative process to afford dictatorship of your own choosing, thus disfranchisement of the entire populous for which it is/was originally designed for actual governing.

This list of charges is yet incomplete, but is more than substantial for your removal - from office and society as a whole - that you be served a Burn Notice.

"Doing the right thing can make you public enemy number one"

That is exactly what our Founders did when they put tyranny on a "Burn Notice" and won, for all of us.

Let us not fail them and ourselves at this juncture. We may have lost a battle in a much larger war but we must not fail in serving up our definite and resounding BURN NOTICE.

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