Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Palate Cleanser: Angel, Light Worker, Teleportation or Hoax?

I realize and share the concerns of Americans at this time but I also know that I myself will go nuts if all I do is dwell on Tuesdays election.

I had heard of the following previous to Tuesday but held it back being more important issues were at hand, obviously. Now, after venting I needed a break (and possibly you as well), if but for a few fleeting moments and my mind came back to this.

Being I have an interest in some unexplained events other than politics (read the recent election) I found the following video, well interesting at least to share if one had not seen or heard of it as of yet.

It was purportedly recorded on Chinese CCTV. I am by no means a photography nor video aficionado but if this is indeed an elaborate hoax, I offer my sincere congratulations to a job well done!

(Note: Watch the video in its entirety as the YouTuber slows down the speed and also breaks it down frame-by-frame)

Many who visit CP are very talented with photos and video so I ask: What say you; Angel, Lightworker, Teleportation or one helluva hoax?

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