Thursday, November 15, 2012

Secede? Shape up or Ship Out!

I have visited some sites promoting secession, thought on it and spoken, little, on this idea and have come to the conclusion it is moronic.

This is not to say I do not share the thoughts prompting the idea but rather promote the idea shared by our Founders to stay and fight.

I was born here.I am American and I mean to stay and fight! There is no possible way for me to give up that I can foresee? I care not for myself but that of my family.

Born, partially by one who not only fought to get here but one who also fought under our Flag to be here, and I am one who will carry that Flag not just for him or me but that of my new Granddaughter.

If you love America then now is not time to leave, she and we need you!

Just for a moment think if General George Washington just said "fuck it, I quit", just where would we all be right now?

Later for America; what if President Abraham Lincoln said "fuck it, I quit"?

Hell, no matter the side in our Revolutionary or Civil Wars, just who just said fuck it? For that matter who won? Check your history books if born before 1965, well real ones anyhow.

I say we take lessons from the country of India - the worlds largest "democracy"- on how to handle politicos who do not serve the peoples interest and or direction.

The difference being we are to keep it up by force as it is written in our Constitution and there, in India, they do simply by conviction.

Sounds right to me.

Folks, that includes (in some cases) your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors to tell as my Dad always said:

Shape up or ship out, we are not leaving!


Kid said...

Yea, I actually don't see how secession could work at this point.
Stay and fight? We need a party other than the repubblekins and enough people with the guts to elect it.

Rock. Hard Place.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Kid,,,Agreed, why not just call it the American Party.

Always On Watch said...

I agree.

Secession isn't going to fly -- nor should it.

Now, do I feel like giving up? Yes, I do.

Will I? Not yet. I'm still breathing and able to fend for myself. But as one of the older crowd, I do worry a lot about what the future holds for me -- and for Mr. AOW. We wouldn't survive very long under the bridge. And we wouldn't be happen in some kind of "facility," either.