Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thoughts 24 Hours Later

Another election has come and gone and here we are left with literally the status quo, politically speaking that is on capitol hill and the White House.

On a more personal level we the people are more divided than since the Civil War.

In that era of American history the lines were distinctly drawn by the borders of the States.

Now in the 21st Century with a nation as divided as we most certainly are, well the lines drawn in the sand are not so clear and alot closer be it house to house, at work and for many (as was the Civil War) in our own families.

Make no mistake as this is a very dangerous situation and no one is backing away from their stated positions at the ground level.

Anecdotal but Real

It has been four years since I have flown Old Glory (the American Flag for those in Rio Linda) at my abode and now another four years will pass without her presence welcoming any to my residence and this saddens me greatly.

The reason for my inaction should be obvious to most, but for the record I have never nor ever will recognize Obama as my president. There are many, as stats and the vote itself suggest that half the country, hold similar if not identical views so the opposite must be true as well.

I, being a political junkie, took election day as a vacation day and upon my return was close to my expatiations but not exactly. You see I am in the UAW and just about every co-worker be they black or white (excluding new hires -high turnover) know of my political leaning as I never have made a secret of it.

It did not take long to feel the looks and when just a greeting on Monday would turn to conversation or just jocularity, now was short with little eye contact (even though that is how I hold a conversation). I was informed of bets on myself even coming to work the day after the election. The latter was ridiculous in of itself being I never mis work unless it is sanctioned or an emergency at home.

Many know of the "fist-bump" and some criticize it being they see it as replacing the "handshake", but in the work place I myself see no problem in its use with gloves, parts in hand, greasy hands and such and use it often to recognize a fellow co-workers existence and simple hello while passing by them. Usually these fist-bumps are made not with force but rather reserved determination, not so on Wednesday at least with me. No, they were just like the eye contact, barely noticeable like the "wet fish" handshake.

It was the very noticeable smell in the air of unmistakable mis trust and loathing I felt even though the RINO lost.

For my part, I held my head high but also can say I held the very same contempt, although for vastly different reasons, toward those I knew, again black or white, who voted for this travesty.

The Lines are Drawn

They, liberals, and we conservatives know it, feel it and the situation is ripe for boiling over.

I do not suggest violence as that is for the most part reserved as a last resort, but do warn to be on guard as violence is closer than what some may presume.

The takers have won this round, electorally, and I guarantee that they see it as a mandate onto themselves to take all they can get and I am not talking just from the government.

I can no longer verbilise the words "God Bless America" as I see that statement, through the eyes of a Christian, to be an utter impossibilty.

What I can say is that you surround yourself with like minded conservatives and get armed - now.

The nation I fear is beyond saving, so at least save yourself and the lives of your family.

Something to Concider?


Mark Adams said...

I know many folks after yesterday, are saying the same things. Get Armed-now.
I have been warning and supporting such a call to get ready. Kept it subdued for the most part and let the folks decide.
By a slim majority they choose to continue on this path. Not because they want to, but because they are il-informed of the danger, in large part by the info that has been (or lack thereof) presented to them.
Reid said yesterday he'd be willing to work with the other side, but to remember, THEY won't get pushed around... Meaning 'We're going to do it their way'
One last thing, the Supreme court will change dramatically and swing towards the left.
They will vote against the Constitution every time. It will be up to us to cleanse the nation and restore the republic!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

If you're listening to Rush you heard that 3,000,000 fewer republican voters turned out then when McCain ran. It looks like the Republicans gave the White House to Obama. Is there really that many people that were unhappy enough with Romney they stayed home?

Right Wing Theocrat said...

You're right about getting armed, i suggest you hide them too, gun control is coming, you know it's coming.

Always On Watch said...

Here's an anecdote....

A woman that I work with is a political conservative, her father (70 something) is a flaming liberal. She is a sweet woman who never bears a grudge.


Wednesday was her birthday. She canceled dinner with her father, whom she dearly loves, because she didn't want to sit across the table from a man who voted for the destruction of America -- even though he wouldn't have rubbed in an Obama victory because he loves his daughter.

THAT is how divided America is now!