Saturday, November 24, 2012

What Romney Should Have Said; No Apologies, Just Honesty,,,

During the last presidential campaign, including the GOP primaries, I cringed at every question and answer about Gov. Romney' wealth and how he attempted to explain it or not.

In the video below Bill Whittle sums up my thoughts very well as to how Romney and conservatives going forward should respond to such questions in an outright honest and concise manner:

Hat Tip to Jo-Joe Politico


Always On Watch said...

Good point about the 50-50 split of our nation right now.

But time is running out to be just a little more efficacious than the Left. In the meantime, the public education system and the media continue to make strides with future voters.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

AOW,,, "But time is running out"

I would tend to agree but would add that, that same sentiment was stated in great degree during the Great Depression under the administration of FDR, and yet we still are herE.

This is directly attributed to your reference of 50/50.

No matter what the economy is key and as it deteriorates even further a common thought will prevail, IMHO.