Friday, December 21, 2012

Get a Load of This,,,And Ask For Your Input

Everyday I pick up the local paper, the so-called 'right-leaning' one (link and attribution down below) basically for the "letters to the editor" as all the news I need to know I have already received via the internet.

Well yesterday they published the following, the letter writer or paper titled 'The right to live life unarmed'. Now that title alone has but one answer; Please by all means do not buy a weapon, be it a gun, taser, knife, mace or even a whistle as that is your right and leave the rest of us to our rights.

But no, this imbecile has much more to say. 

Now I do not want to have all the fun responding to this as it were, so please answer this 'letter' in your own words and length is not of any concern,,,,,,

The right to live life unarmed

Why should I get a gun for protection? There isn't anyone out to get me. I have no enemies. Is the world a dangerous place? Maybe, but such danger isn't purposeful — meaning, danger is not out to get me. Hear this: People who own guns for personal protection are, by definition, paranoid.

Why should I get a gun for protection? Contemplating my surroundings, I imagine that most of my neighbors have guns, especially that drunk guy down the street who insisted on lighting off fireworks every night for weeks this summer. Does Fred next door have one? I hope not, because I like him, I really do. I don't want to imagine that the kind and loving people next door are afraid someone is going to threaten them with deadly force — worse, that church-going Christians are prepared to kill.

Why should I get a gun for protection? Because I can? I don't socialize unnecessarily anymore, because the last time I did, I was amazed that my new found drinking buddies carried handguns. I don't know why they carry. I asked one guy if he had problems with paranoia, but he didn't answer. I gather they carry because they can. A friend got a gun, another thought it was cool, the next girl got one to fit in — peer pressure? Is there anyone out to get them? Are they in danger?

Why should I get a gun for protection? I'm not paranoid. There's nobody out to get me. I'm not prepared to kill or maim. I possess nothing worth endangering my soul over. The gun culture is insane. There is nothing worth ending life. The Second Amendment is an abomination, and needs to be repealed. A right to be paranoid? People who own guns are prepared to kill. This is not sane.Hear this: There is no gun owner on Earth who has a chance of getting out alive.

Courtney Cadotte, Royal Oak

From The Detroit News:

For a well reasoned argument against this idiot I would refer you to my last post, but by all means add your two cents.


Woodsterman said...

Okie Dokie ... done.

ChristopherConservative said...

Thanks Odie and well stated,,,,

banned said...

 The happy souls on the Norwegian island of Ut√łya were entirely gun free but that did not help them when Anders Brevick wanted to make his point about rampant immigration ruining their country.

Kid said...

< ahref="" >This one is easy Christopher.  Here are the realities of a disarmed society

And Put security people in the schools and deduct the cost from the administrative and teachers salaries.  They are not underpaid.

Kid said...

 Let's try it again.

This one is easy Christopher.  Here are the realities of a disarmed society

And Put security people in the schools and deduct the cost from the
administrative and teachers salaries.  They are not underpaid.

Kid said...

One more time. 

Here are the realities of a disarmed society

ChristopherConservative said...

Kid, yep that one worked and an excellent article, thank you.

p.s., Removed the other efforts but much appreciate the effort.

ChristopherConservative said...

Thank you for that reminder and perfect example (although a terrible tragedy) of what happens when would be victims are unarmed. If just one camp leader there on that island was armed,,,,,,,,

Radical Redneck said...

 This constant mind numbing hum drum just validates
the fact that the Looney Left, the Dumbs, & the Lame Brain News
Media are insane.Why punish the innocent majority for a very small lot of sickos?  This is exactly what they did with the shoe bomber, One sick Muzzie  did his dirty work and millions of innocentAmerician's now have to take off their shoes every time they board an airplane.

Euripides said...

One of the biggest lies of modern liberalism stems from the socialist lie that humans can easily create a utopian society where everyone gets along. They imagine some time, far past, when people lived peacefully as hunter gatherers, under a Grand Matriarch, and lived long, happy lives. Of course paradise was lost when men started to become greedy and invented war.

Despite that inane idea, others have learned a different idea from history. Most notably, the Founding Fathers understood the need for an armed population since they also understood that any government with the power to take away our guns is also a government powerful enough to subjugate its citizens into slavery.

ChristopherConservative said...

I would only differ from your definition of the left, at least the leaders of it, as insane being it has been in the works for sometime with obvious successful results, all the while the populous kept their blinders on. The general supporters of the left however are as you state insane, but here again they are the product of the lefts successful propaganda machine known as the 'public school system'.

ChristopherConservative said...

Real history is the key. The lies you speak of are intentionally drummed into our youth via [as mentioned to RR] the lefts propaganda machine otherwise known as the 'public school system'.

When American children are being taught that the Founding Fathers and their compatriots were terrorists and the parents of said children do not challenge and correct that, well we lose yet another generation to the lefts lies.

Euripides said...

 I agree. Yet I think that the current school system will implode in a few years when we all discover that, not only are our children indoctrinated into socialist ideology, they are abysmally ignorant as well.

ChristopherConservative said...

As my Dad had always said  to me from day one to me, and I act upon to this very day; "Ignorance I can forgive, stupidity I cannot". That line will be lost on the liberals but am sure you understand.

The implosion you imply and we pray for will only occur by way of two means; Parents actually getting involved (if they are educated?) or what seem implausible, complete revolution by which I mean a return to the Constitution and moral values of which this nation was built upon.

Ignorance can be resolved, stupidity is terminal. 

Euripides said...

 How about willful ignorance, now taught in our schools? Can we forgive that? I think the school system is caught in an endless loop that will truly produce the mindless masses that socialism demands of its citizens.

ChristopherConservative said...

Responding in reverse,,,,

Your statement reflects my understanding of what society is, due to the lack of actual education.
As to "willful ignorance", well in my understanding that is in fact the definition of stupidity . Furthermore, it is the intention of producing stupidity, so yes  this action is indeed unforgivable no matter on whose shoulders it rests.

Ignorance defined, willingly or not, in short is that of any one individual not knowing. So if one chooses to be willingly ignorant in an age of seemingly limitless information, that is not only unforgivable but actually a crime against humanity.


banned said...

You will have noticed that the Daily Mail shut off comments on that article. The truth hurts when readers attempt freedom of expression.