Saturday, December 1, 2012


Friends and fellow Patriots, the title above is not that of my own, but rather Claire Wolfe and her FREE eBook by the same title. (Link below; multiple download formats) 

In the era that we find ourselves in, in the United States, we are faced with an onslaught of Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Islamism or all the above, but it is most definitely not American and it is also both very dark and dangerous to be sure all brought to us by liberals - namely Obama - with the tacit help of so-called republicans.

This presents a huge challenge for those of us who love freedom as founded in this nation as we work separately but with the same goals to maintain that freedom when there are rats or "snitches" around looking to thwart our collective goal to turn this tide around and defeat it.

The FREE eBook helps in learning to ferret-out, avoid and thwart these snitches efforts at the behest of the now very clear enemies of the United States of America.

The following description of the eBook is from the site itself:

These days, law enforcement at all levels -- from the local cop shop to obscure federal agencies -- uses snitches to trap ordinary people. Snitches tell lies that send their friends to jail. Paid agents provocateurs talk or trick otherwise harmless people into committing crimes. In many places, Snitch culture has virtually replaced real investigation of real crimes.Don't think you're exempt if you're a "law-abiding citizen." The most trusting, naive, innocent people often make the easiest targets for these weaselly, lying, opportunistic vermin. Snitches specialize in targeting the vulnerable.You may be in danger if you are:
  • A political activist
  • A recreational drug user
  • A hobbyist or business person who works with "sensitive" materials
  • A member of an unpopular religion
  • A gun owner or dealer
  • A participant in the underground economy
  • A photographer or videographer
  • A controversial thinker or writer
  • Or you just happen to hang out with the wrong people
Snitches are everywhere and they're hard to detect. This brief, FREE ebook,Rats, can help you:
  • Identify a snitch
  • Protect yourself against snitches and agents provocateurs
  • Protect your friends or colleagues
  • Know how to handle yourself if you get arrested
It could even help you avoid being pressured into becoming a snitch, yourself.Rats is the work of ex-cops, lawyers, security experts, experienced activists, outlaws, former outlaws, trained interrogators, and more. In the hour or so it takes you to read their information, you'll gain a lifetime's worth of armor against snitches, informers, informants, agents provocateurs, narcs, finks, and similar vermin.

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