Saturday, January 12, 2013

I Have Been Silent, Until Now

Two issues that really bother me have surfaced as many of you know deeply as well; one being the 2nd Amenedment. No fluff or videos here today, just me.

The latter, but important as well being taxation so please stick around.

At this point I wish to relay my own thoughts on both in that order which I have expressed on both previously on comment sections but also my true thoughts:

2nd Amendment issue: 

"You libs have bitten off more than you can chew,,again!!!!!
Years ago you libs wanted British rule and lost (The American Revolution).
Then you libs wanted slavery to continue and lost (The American Civil War).
Guess what, you are going to lose again! (2013 in America)
We real Americans will not stand by undefended against tyranny, period. Try as you may we will not succumb to threats or unconstitutional fiat.
Be warned.
Back in the day of British rule under King George only 1 third (1 out of three) of all American Colonists were ready, willing and able to fight the largest military force known to mankind and yet beat them resoundingly thus creating the free-est and best system ever devised by any humans.
Do you honestly think that those of us that know this will go away silently? We are the government. We are the People. We stand for and abide by the law of this Land being the Constitution of the United Sates of America!
Who the hell are you and where do you stand?
We are in numbers larger than our standing military and even our foreign enemies (of which there are many) know this, and you are who?
Really, who are you?
Are you willing to attempt taking a law-abiding Americans weapon?
Go ahead and try, but again be warned, being you are a fellow citizen as were two thirds of then Colonists,if you wish to be educated physically; you do so at your own peril.
In other words, be careful what you pray for,,,"

Now I wish to address this idiotic idea being floated by libs of a "VAT tax":

A VAT tax (Value Added Tax) as in Europe drives up the price exponentially of everything from pencils to automobiles at every stage of production.

Take the example of a simple pencil; Rubber eraser, steel band to attach it, wood and lead or graphite are all included at separate stages of production. Producing this pencil in whole as a finished product is now taxed on the manufacturer when it is sold to the distributor and/or retailer.

With a VAT in place it would be taxed on the manufacturer at the graphite production, then taxed again on placing it in the wood after the wood was taxed separately in its production, then taxed on attaching the rubber eraser with the steel band after each of those were taxed separately in their production before ending up on the end of the wood shaft to complete the process and be called a pencil. Oh, and lets not forget the transportation of the pencil to point of sale either for that is taxed separately as well.

So, if one simple pencil costs $0.60 today, after a VAT was to be put in place it would now cost upwards of $2.50 being all production/transportation taxes are shifted to the consumer and that does not include sales tax at the point of sale to the consumer which surely will be applied (sales taxes never go away and vary from state to state).

It is a misnomer to deem it Value Added, except that is for the government to be sure.

It should be referred to in honest terms as IDT or Inflationary Driven Tax.

There is no "value added" whatsoever to the consumer, as in my example above you end up with the exact same pencil as before an IDT (VAT), just at an enormousness inflated price due to erroneous taxation during its separate stages of production.

Now apply the pencil scenario to say a computer or automobile (think about all the separate parts - and bushiness's - that make up these products) and you have another huge problem in terms of the economy, as if we do not have one now, let alone need yet another!

Basic Economics 101 dictates that when prices rise (due to erroneous taxes or inflation or both) demand goes down. When demand goes down business's close or move, people lose jobs and subsequently the government loses revenue as well.

Now in this current economic stagnation and unemployment our nation faces today, how can a VAT be fair? All it does is feed the government coffers and starve the population.

It wise to remember as well that this idea of a VAT does not remove income taxes, it is just another tax on top of all the others.

Don't be 'confused', wake up, do some research and educate yourself on such matters as well as other ones.


Highland Cooncil said...

I advise you in the strongest possible manner to return to remaining silent.

Your servant,

Randy G said...

Silent no more...

Always On Watch said...

About point one: You might be interested in reading THIS.

As for point two, a VAT, if added, will further tank our economy. Tanking our economy even more appears to be the goal of Obama and his minions. New World Order! Pfffft.

Kid said...

Anyone who believes in gun control has the mind of a child. Check out unarmed England. When they know you are unarmed, they don't even need guns to come and do you harm. Rape, steal, kill you.

It's happening in the UK - massive numbers of personal crimes reported by their own media -

Kid said...

As far as taxes, we could close the entire federal government outside of SS, medicare and still be running at a deficit.

Woodsterman said...

Question: Have you ever known any lib willing to die from what they believe in? I haven't either.

A VAT tax would punish the engine that drives this economy. Let's tax the poor instead. Even if it's only a dollar a month. That would give them a stake in this process.