Friday, January 25, 2013

Just Thinking Aloud,,,

(1) Was it a fly or a Dung Beetle?

You decide.

(2) Much LAME-STREAM MEDIA talk was made about Moochelle rolling her eyes about something Speaker Bonehead said to the communist-in-chief during an inaugural dinner. But once again they ignored what she was doing while rolling her eyes,,,

Yes, gorging on food barely taking time to chew what was already in her mouth before shoving another helping into it. One would also notice as well that she was the only one still eating. Considering that, one would deduce that she asked for and received a second helping, this from the one who would fight obesity?

Another thought on that scene; What is it with these women, one black and one white (Moochelle and Mrs. Bonehead respectively)? Both have husbands that wish to deny their white side?


Woodsterman said...

Proves what I've been saying all along. A Dung Beetle has more class than the Obama's.

kid said...

More moochele eating like a pig videos !!!!! :)

Always On Watch said...

No dignity, no elegance -- the Obamas in four words!

Anonymous said...

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Jaded said...

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