Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy St. Valentines Day ! (Exclusive pic revealed)

Dedicated to the Love of my Life my Bride Jackie,,,

I would be very remiss if I were to leave out my other two loves as well, that being my wonderful Daughter Katie and her now 4 month old (and growing fast!) beautiful baby daughter Melody - Happy St. Valentines Day!

 Melody and Grandpa (I told ya she was growing fast!)

Hold on to love folks as this, so far, cannot be taken away by executive decree.

Happy St. Valentines Day!


Always On Watch said...

Some years ago, an older friend gave me this advice for living our lives: "Cherish your beloveds."

Woodsterman said...

That's cool Christopher, My Grandson is 4 months old too.

ChristopherConservative said...

That is some very sound advice!

ChristopherConservative said...

Its so much fun! Lets pray for their futures as well!